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An expert in negotiation, Eduard received training in the Negotiation Program at Harvard University. He was awarded a Law degree from the University of Barcelona, a Political Science degree from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris and a master’s degree in International Law (LLM) from New York University. He is also an alumnus of the prestigious Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA).


What does he do?

“AWAKEN THE LEADER WITHIN YOU.” His Leadership and Charisma conferences provide over 20 years’ experience in powerful total-immersion sessions. Learn the tools, strategies, and secrets that Eduard Beltran uses constantly to make an immediate impact and bring about positive, and lasting change in others.
Flexible training sessions adapted to the needs of each client and/or participant. Eduard Beltran offers both in-company and open training modules. His educational model is based on case analysis, so participants will obtain concrete and effective solutions to improve their negotiations.
Using creativity and innovation we can overcome unexpected and other difficulties that we encounter throughout our lives whether personal or professional. Eduard Beltran helps executives consolidate their roles particularly in delicate negotiation missions, but also for people who wish to improve their day-to-day life.
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His book

Good for you, better for me.

The new win-win

What are the keys to a good negotiation? How can you achieve an effective agreement that benefits everyone involved? What importance should we give to what, to whom and to how to negotiate? To what extent should the parties be involved? To what extent should you compete, cooperate or be complacent with others? What are the Ten Commandments of every good negotiator?

Negotiate Your Way to Success answers these and other questions that will help us to prepare for the best result in a negotiation, define a strategy and manage difficult situations so everyone can get the most out of it. Any reader interested in negotiating effectively, productively and creatively and in reaching agreements that satisfy the interests of all the parties involved will discover the tools to do so within these pages.

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